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Terry’s Blog

An Abundance of Resources

| Business Innovation, Planning for Success | No Comments

When you’re entering a new field, or even just looking to improve within your own, the resources available might seem small at first. You might ask “Where do I go…

Speaking From the Heart

| Uncategorized | No Comments

Entering a room of people you don’t know (or know really well) can be stressful. Especially if it involves public speaking. As a manager, a key skill is being able…

Glass Elevators Helping us Grow

| Business Excellence, Business Innovation | 2 Comments

Goal Setting can be a treacherous effort for company executives, especially as they work to appease both the higher-ups and employees. Courtesy of the Harvard Business Review, their study information…

Thrive With(in) Your Community

| Uncategorized | No Comments

Every time I see issues in the world, I also see the people who stand by and don’t do anything about it. Those who trailblaze and start movements are those…

Rivers and Flows of Stress and Your Best

| Business Ethics, Business Excellence, Business Innovation | 2 Comments

Another day, another cancellation. Sometimes those days come up in our industries where it’s easiest to throw in the towel and go home. But there’s difference between those who fail…

The Makeup of A Team

| Uncategorized | No Comments

Not Everyone is Made of the Same Materials –  and That’s Good! It’s natural for us to expect others to do what we can with ease. In reality, that’s unfair!…

Going With The Flow of a Changing Market

| Business Ethics, Business Excellence, Uncategorized | No Comments

When you’re constantly working for your business, it can be discouraging if your efforts don’t come to fruition. Take it from a Real Estate agent who has experienced super highs,…

About The Authors

Terry Rasner

Since 2005, I’ve started 5 companies with revenues in excess of $8 million. I believe strongly in giving back to the community in all sorts of ways, whether it’s Humanitarian Awards of cash to select individuals, families or charities, or directly to charities and other non-profit organizations already serving those in need in our local community or communities in other states and countries. Together with my daughter Sarah and husband Dr. John, we established Dreams Foundation, Inc. (DFI) in the Fall of 2011. By the Spring of 2012, DFI was recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity, and since then Dreams Foundation, Inc. has given over $319,000 in Humanitarian Awards and to support a broad range of family and community services programs.

I love to read, and in many ways it’s inspired me to recognize the potential in others, particularly women! All who know me and She Is All Business understand I am committed to empowering women to become savvy and successful entrepreneurs. Indeed, my commitment has led me here!

Dr. John Yacenda

“Dr. John” as most of us call him, has his Masters in Public Health with a Mental Health Specialty, and his Ph.D. in Psychology & Health Sciences.  Over the past 35 years Dr. John has counseled men, women and couples, and written internationally syndicated counseling advice, and health education & promotion columns like: “Be Well; Men & Women; and Healthy Wealthy and Whys” for newspapers and magazines the world over.

He likes people, he understands human and relationship needs, and he wants to help YOU get the most out of YOUR BUSINESS DREAMS!  We’re certain Dr. John has the right kind of answers and advice you’ll need to be successful!

Dr. John’s Blog

(Wo)Man with the Plan

| A Healthy Perspective, Uncategorized | No Comments

Each year, people try to make these grand agreements in hopes of bettering themselves for the new year. These resolutions are often made without structure, leading to your commitment failing!…

Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork

| A Healthy Perspective, Business Innovation, Planning for Success, Uncategorized | No Comments

Stop! Collaborate and Listen… Recently discovered this article, courtesy of Forbes.com, that I’d like to share with you all! Titled “5 Ways to Build A Spectacular Team Without Damaging Your…

Every Mentor has a Mentor…and Sometimes YOU Need to be a Strong Wing Woman!

| A Healthy Perspective, Business Ethics, Business Innovation | No Comments

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a business deal where you took a second, then third look at the person you were representing? All of a sudden…

Let’s Get Physical with Your Whole Person!

| Dr. John's Blog, Your Six Dimensions of Whole Person Health & Wellness | 10 Comments

Again, to pick up again on the dynamic interconnection and complementary behaviors of multi-dimensional whole persons, let’s get physical with your whole person!  Seems a bit off the wall, but I’ve written about,…

You and Me? We’re Both Multi-Dimensional Whole Persons!

| Dr. John's Blog, Your Six Dimensions of Whole Person Health & Wellness | No Comments

For well over 35 years I’ve written about, and taught college and university courses that explored and explained the dynamic interconnection and complementary behaviors of multi-dimensional whole persons!   The most basic…

BUSINESS SMARTS & GOD SENSE! …from the sidelines by Dr. John Yacenda

| Dr. John's Blog, Dreams Foundation Inc, Passion & Purpose!, Uncategorized, Your Six Dimensions of Whole Person Health & Wellness | 2 Comments

Where is the Holy Spirit in Your Life? When preaching about the Holy Spirit and most matters of Christian faith as these apply to life today, I would customarily begin…

Mature Mind & Creatures of Evil

| A Healthy Perspective, Dr. John's Blog, Dreams Foundation Inc, Uncategorized, Your Six Dimensions of Whole Person Health & Wellness | No Comments

Am I Crazy…or Just Wild & Untamed? Think about this for a moment: “mature mind” is a concept I used for probably 30 years without too much challenge.  Then, along…