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How can it work for me?

There’s been a great debate on whether doing what you love leads to greater success, or career discontent. But if you ask any successful entrepreneur how they are able to push through the tough times, work longer hours, and commit themselves to their job wholeheartedly – they will always tell you it’s because they love what they do! The real trick is knowing “HOW” to turn the things you are most passionate about into a prosperous business model.

The reality is that starting a new business at times takes long hours, hard work, and steadfast commitment to overcoming obstacles. And let me tell you – there are always obstacles.

If you are doing something you truly love — meaning you’re doing something that you would do free anyway because it is rewarding in every other way than monetarily! When this happens, you can think more clearly, be more creative, and commit to becoming better at your skill, craft or special service offered each and every day!  People who work with this “love for their skills, craft or special services” don’t fake sick days because they don’t want time away from their passion (i.e., skill, craft or special service offering) we might call their “work!”  Instead — and plant this image squarely in your mind — these “passion workers” typically meet each new day’s challenges with grace and a smile.

The Life-Changing Outcome

In the end, those entrepreneurs who follow 7 Simple Steps to turning their passions into a real business, make more money, enjoy life, and work much more than those who do what they think will make money.  Whether you create products out of your passions to sell outright, or service offerings out of your passions for which you offer one-time or ongoing contract opportunities — you’re in the business of making money!   

Remember, it’s not only the quality of product or services you deliver that customers pay attention to; they most remember the passion with which you delivered the product or services!  You are much more likely to have raving fans for customers, many of whom will share your passion and enthusiasm, versus having to have a crack sales staff to convince people what you have to offer is what they need. 

Join Terry Rasner, founder of She Is All Business, for this special FREE online training where she guides you through a review and sampling of the 7 Steps to Turn Your Passions into Prosperity.  During this free online training hour you’ll be introduced to:

During this free online training hour you’ll be introduced to:

  • Identifying Passion, Purpose and Your BUSINESS Dreams/Ideas.
  • Recognizing and Overcoming Stinking Thinking.Two Overall Strategies to Building A Successful Business.
  • The Utility of a One-Hour Business Plan Road Map in-practice
  • Identifying & Broadcasting Your Business Culture
  • Your Need for Personal Balance, and the Goodwill of Your Business to Your Community.

What the Basic Business Academy’s Start-Up Tool Kit includes:

Naming your business, need for websites & blogs, applying for an EIN Number (tax identification number), business license, setting up a free Google voice phone, setting up business bank accounts, bookkeeping, budget, marketing and branding.

Plus you’ll receive a special gift from Terry just for attending, the Uncovering Your Passions Workbook! This simple exercise will help you identify which of your passions you are most likely to turn into a real business.

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