Terry Rasner Is The C.E.O. To Your Million Dollar Dreams…

That’s the Big Idea behind this amazing community of strong female entrepreneurs. But what does it really mean?

While the C.E.O. of Capital City Investments, Inc., Terry Rasner founded Dreams Realty, years later to co-found Reno/Tahoe Realty Group, LLC, We Buy All Mobile Homes, and in partnership with her husband and daughter, Dreams Foundation, Inc. Then in 2014, she established She Is All Business, the company, and her dream became reality!

Through her amazing roller coaster of an entrepreneur’s journey, she found going it alone wouldn’t suffice. After starting her business with little “real” leadership practice, she had no choice but to learn it on-the-job. With the support from remarkable peers, dedicated staff, and her daughter, Sarah, she achieved more than she ever thought she could. After running a successful string of businesses and organizations over an intense five-year period, she felt compelled to give back. Terry wanted to assist other women with a mind toward business and help them gain success for themselves. While aiding to avoid unnecessary obstacles, she knew success could be inevitable for anyone willing to learn.

Welcome to She Is All Business!

terry-and-sarah-2014-smallI came into this business because I allowed God as the CEO! And we found for you a community of strong, smart, driven, women who have committed to work together. We help each other with guidance, support, motivation, and inspiration.

Wherever you are on your entrepreneurial path, we’ve got a place for you here. Starting with our blog columns, we share insightful business and personal advice to empower you emotionally, educate you about smart and bold (but not-so-scary) business practices, and outright inspire women like you to get as quickly as possible to the next step on your path to entrepreneurial success!

Our goal is not to be an ordinary high pressure sales organization; there are plenty of those out there already. We developed a fun place where women all along the entrepreneurial spectrum can grow, think, and plan their career paths. Permitting time to be valuable, this process is both challenging and rewarding. While allowing you to spend time with family, church, and socializing, you can sharpen YOUR skills and business acumen. These perks display intelligence to prospective bosses, partners, and other business owners, and shows that YOU WILL BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

Sounds interesting?

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