Who is Dr. John?

Dr. John Yacenda wants to help you. Therefore, as the resident Psychologist for She Is All Business, he’ll be able to help you with not only every sort of business-related emotional struggle you’re facing, but most of the personal irritations you’re dealing with in getting your friends and family on board with your business ideas and goals. 

“Dr. John” as most of us call him, has his Masters in Public Health with a Mental Health specialty, and his Ph.D. in Psychology & Health Sciences.  Over the past 35 years Dr. John has counseled men, women and couples, and written internationally syndicated advice and health promotion advice columns like: “Be Well; Men & Women; and Healthy Wealthy and Whys” for newspapers and magazines the world over. 

He likes people, he understands human and relationship needs, and he wants to help YOU get the most out of YOUR BUSINESS DREAMS!  We’re certain Dr. John has the right kind of answers and advice you’ll need to be successful!