About Terry Rasner

Real Estate Broker (NV B.0143016) / CCIM

Seems like I wasted no time pursuing my first million dollars, though I was on the very slow track – you might say I was way under the IRS radar.  I was eight years old, and my cousin, Gina and I would go the local market and buy $1 worth of Brach candies in bulk, and then sell them for a nickel each on the corner of Utah Street where we lived in Carson City, Nevada. The work to purchase, wrap, sell, and keep records of my candy shop didn’t matter. What mattered was that we were young entrepreneurs and we were making a BIG PROFIT!  As my first introduction to capitalism, I was hooked…

Now at 10 years old, an established entrepreneur, I controlled two blocks of my neighborhood to become the neighborhood’s PREFERRED BABYSITTER.  It was also a time I learned that not all that glitters is gold. I mean, some of these families didn’t have very much money, but they had a need for my services. Consequently, I had the business sense to barter with them for all sorts of fun and functional goods — hey, I was 10 years old.

The good news was that I had cornered the market; I had no competition in those two blocks, and a lot of admiration and respect.  Don’t you wish you had the same for your business today?  It’s something I’ve always strived to achieve; something I learned at 10 years old.  I kept my focus small so I could be the best. 

Since then I’ve continued to grow my knowledge with business building and achieving my million dollar dreams. I took what I learned as a schoolgirl entrepreneur and expanded upon my knowledge with new, bigger experiences.

Since 2005 I’ve started 5 companies with revenues in excess of $8,000,000.00. I also believe in giving back, so in 2011 I founded Dreams Foundation, Inc. with my daughter Sarah and husband John. Through Dreams Foundation, Inc., we’ve sponsored numerous fundraising events at Arrow Creek Country Club  and supported a number of programs for Veterans; American Cancer Society Dinners, MS Society Walkathons, C.A.R.E. Chest of Northern Nevada; a community dining program for Senior Citizens, a girls softball team, 3 faith-based organizations; an adolescent boys treatment center; a home ownership assistance program for low-income single parent families and a scholarship program for graduate students in business committed to working in the field of human services.  Dreams Foundation, Inc. has given over $319,000 to support service programs.

I love to read, I am inspired by the potential in others and am committed to helping to empower women entrepreneurs.