When you’re entering a new field, or even just looking to improve within your own, the resources available might seem small at first. You might ask “Where do I go to learn (specific thing in my field)?” The key to finding these resources is to not only look online and in local resource centers, but to create your own resource!

No matter what you embark to do, there’s always someone out there who’s done it before, or at least has knowledge of someone who has. The experiences they’ve had are an excellent way to learn before doing! So ask all the questions you have, and build a relationship with them to understand what will help you in the future. When the people you reached out to get to know you, they further understand your problems and how to help even more! So keep the conversation going, and connect with them more than just surface level.

Branch Out, Spread your Wings!

Another great way is to attend the conventions, seminars, and classes applicable to your field. These events have professionals just like you who look to get the education and resources these events bring. By networking here, you can get in touch with the motivated and passionate people who can share the things they’ve learned along the way. Don’t be overly selective of which events you attend. If it’s a seminar on a topic a little out of your scope, do some reading beforehand and get prepared! Extend yourself past your comfort zone and diversify.

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