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Thrive With(in) Your Community

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Every time I see issues in the world, I also see the people who stand by and don’t do anything about it. Those who trailblaze and start movements are those who truly make changes in our community. They’re the ones who will make the world a better place, and the same ones who will make a future generation of “do-ers”. My favorite moments are when parents reach through to their kids to inspire that same mentality of actionable change. After all, if you never put forth the effort to make a change, nothing will change for you! This is why it’s so important to be a “do-er” in a world of watchers.

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By “watchers” I mean the ones who sit back and watch the world either get worse, or better. Either way, the change is without their aid! Their sense of pride comes entirely from internal focuses, like their own projects or personal gains. With a community minded focus, you’re sure to leave an impact that’s visible, lasting, and meaningful to much more than just you. Your community should be the thing you most value, and as a result, your efforts will improve it! It’s my humble thought that nationwide change (which is deeply needed) starts with our communities – and so starts with YOU.

Each interaction you have, and each person you connect with changes both of the lives involved. No matter how small the interaction, or how big, the impact is there. So let your passionate causes touch the lives of those in your area, and watch others flock to your cause! The more you do for your community, the more you’ll see the positive change in your life, business, and well-being.

Rivers and Flows of Stress and Your Best

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Another day, another cancellation. Sometimes those days come up in our industries where it’s easiest to throw in the towel and go home. But there’s difference between those who fail in their first 10 years of business and those who persevere to make it to their 50th anniversary. Their passion.

When the situation is at its bleakest, when you’ve been working for free for weeks, maybe even months, what resources do you turn to? No matter what you first go towards, a rock in your business has got to be passion! Passion is the flowing river that will carry you over all the rocks, even when the water level is low. The water is your energy, and your passion is the flow of it. As long as you’re putting the energy and dedication into your river of success, your passion will ensure it keeps moving forward! This also means, that when your energy is at its lowest, barely covering the rocks that may lie on the riverbed floor, your passion will push along the bits of water you’re able to put out.

What if My River Already Dried Up?

To get a boost of energy, and an infusion of water to your river of success, I want you to try the following:

  • Take a long minute (or 5!) and just stop.
    • When you’re assuming the roles of a bunch of different people, such as business-owner, partner, manager, teammate, spouse, mother/father, daughter/son, etc., it can feel like you never get a break. Your emotions will feel like they’re overflowing, your head spinning from thinking of so many tasks, and your body physically exhausted by the stress. So take a long few minutes, sit somewhere quiet, and let the stress flow out of you. Mindfulness practices can totally change your mindset, you just have to truly stop what you’re doing. If you need to cry, let it out. Feel like screaming to the world? Do it! Whatever you feel like will allow your mind and body to not hold on to those negative emotions, do it.
    • What’s most important is that you take time to be quiet afterwards. Take deep breaths, and think on what you’re doing it all for. For family? For your personal growth? Whatever your reason, it’s valid, and you need to come back to it. Get back to your roots and truly let whatever you feel wash over you.

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