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Glass Elevators Helping us Grow

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Goal Setting can be a treacherous effort for company executives, especially as they work to appease both the higher-ups and employees. Courtesy of the Harvard Business Review, their study information brought about some interesting conclusions. You can give it a read here!

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There’s really insightful information out there on the best way to set attainable goals and how to motivate your employees to achieve those goals, but here’s our take on it:

Why Start Small?

It’s a misconception that you need to set low, easily attainable goals just to satisfy employees. There are those who will appreciate the lax benchmarks, but that won’t make them improve! As an employer, manager, or even mentor, your goal should always be to help others grow, develop, and succeed! This can’t be done through just setting goals. You’ll need mentorship, check-ins, and a solid plan to show them the way.

Often employers see goals as rungs of a ladder. You wouldn’t take a giant leap up a ladder, which is why they think starting with smaller goals is best! They got the metaphor wrong, because goals are actually an ELEVATOR! The bigger the goal, the more floors you’re made to rise to.

I envision goals as elevators because once I meet the goal, I’m on the highest floor I’ve ever been! When I seek to attain new goals, the floor I start on is higher than before too. I’m more equipped with the tools to advance farther and farther, so the sky is the limit. Kind of like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as they ride the glass elevator up above the clouds.


Rivers and Flows of Stress and Your Best

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Another day, another cancellation. Sometimes those days come up in our industries where it’s easiest to throw in the towel and go home. But there’s difference between those who fail in their first 10 years of business and those who persevere to make it to their 50th anniversary. Their passion.

When the situation is at its bleakest, when you’ve been working for free for weeks, maybe even months, what resources do you turn to? No matter what you first go towards, a rock in your business has got to be passion! Passion is the flowing river that will carry you over all the rocks, even when the water level is low. The water is your energy, and your passion is the flow of it. As long as you’re putting the energy and dedication into your river of success, your passion will ensure it keeps moving forward! This also means, that when your energy is at its lowest, barely covering the rocks that may lie on the riverbed floor, your passion will push along the bits of water you’re able to put out.

What if My River Already Dried Up?

To get a boost of energy, and an infusion of water to your river of success, I want you to try the following:

  • Take a long minute (or 5!) and just stop.
    • When you’re assuming the roles of a bunch of different people, such as business-owner, partner, manager, teammate, spouse, mother/father, daughter/son, etc., it can feel like you never get a break. Your emotions will feel like they’re overflowing, your head spinning from thinking of so many tasks, and your body physically exhausted by the stress. So take a long few minutes, sit somewhere quiet, and let the stress flow out of you. Mindfulness practices can totally change your mindset, you just have to truly stop what you’re doing. If you need to cry, let it out. Feel like screaming to the world? Do it! Whatever you feel like will allow your mind and body to not hold on to those negative emotions, do it.
    • What’s most important is that you take time to be quiet afterwards. Take deep breaths, and think on what you’re doing it all for. For family? For your personal growth? Whatever your reason, it’s valid, and you need to come back to it. Get back to your roots and truly let whatever you feel wash over you.

Let us know what helps you to overcome your feelings of overwhelming stress on our Social Media!

Going With The Flow of a Changing Market

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When you’re constantly working for your business, it can be discouraging if your efforts don’t come to fruition. Take it from a Real Estate agent who has experienced super highs, and some very low lows. If you’re in an industry like mine, you know how harsh changing markets can be. Many things can affect different industries, from school semesters to the seasons themselves, so there’s tons of factors to keep track of!

So how can you discover and learn from these external changes to keep your business thriving no matter the market?

  • Compete to Win

This could mean changing up sales tactics, going back to tried and true methods, or even entering a new market/creating a new products! You have to be able to go with the flow and change as the market does. If you’re company can’t adapt, it won’t last! To truly compete, you have to know the competition better than yourself. How?

Secret shopping is a sneaky way to get the inside scoop on other businesses. While this can’t be done in many industries, it can be perfect for retail, the food industry, and customer service. Be careful to not waste their time, and don’t create any odd situations just to see the result. Remember the golden rule here, Treat Others How You Want to Be Treated!

  • Switch up Marketing!

Marketing has and will always be an essential tool that can revolutionize how the community views your business. There’s a lot of psychology behind creating a brand that resonates, so think long and hard of how you want your business to be presented. You may even need to change up your marketing strategy overall! Mind the move of marketing to the digital arena, and do email campaigns, social media, and even instant messaging!

There’s an interesting new thing called Autoresponder Bots. They basically make conversations automatic, allowing you to focus on what matters: Innovation! You have to consistently keep your efforts on the front line of technology, so step to it!

Never Overlook the Details of a Contract

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Is there someone you know who casually has time to read a 40 page document? Exactly. Everything moves so fast these days that we’ve convinced ourselves there isn’t enough time in the day! While on some level true, it’s not the amount of hours in a day that decides how much we accomplish. Our own motivation, will power, and dedication is the only thing that gets the work done! If it’s important to you you’ll make time, so who would make time to read a boring contract? YOU!

Small Print, Small Impact?

NO! More often than not, the fine print is what can make or break you when it comes to contracts. Ensuring you know all facets of what your signature goes on can save you THOUSANDS of dollars in attorney fees. Whether or not you think you know what you’re signing, it’s more common than not to miss the small things. Not that you need a lawyer for when you sign your name at the grocery store, but it’s great to have an analytical mindset like them. You ALWAYS have the option to take contracts home and read them, and you should! This will give you the ample time you need to think on what you’re signing, because with every pen stroke there are risks.

Results Should Speak

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If you’ve ever been designated as a Project Manager, you know the stressful feelings that can come. It can be a lot of pressure to return the results expected of you, but know that regardless of what comes of the project, your name is on it! This is when you have to be super careful, because even if others make mistakes, it reflects on YOU! So to ensure your reputation isn’t on the line, cross your T’s and dot your I’s!

A Thought for Guidance

Here’s a great mantra to adopt. It’ll lead the way you react to mishaps, and guide your management efforts:

If there’s no result, there’s nothing to be said.

Results are often the driving forces in projects, and can lead to contention if those results don’t come as fast as expected. Especially when progress is dependent on others, it can be frustrating to be the one urging people along. When your employees come to you with reasons as to why something isn’t completed, hear them out; however, don’t accept these excuses as a reason for it not being done! The results should speak for themselves, so if they aren’t there, there’s nothing to be said! Being clear about your expectations, deadlines, and requirements will ensure your management platform stays free of result loopholes. Meaning, no one will have a reason to miss the deadlines!

Be Q.C with your Q.C

On the same note of being clear about expectations, you need to remember the importance of transparency. Let your employees see the background process, as it’ll drive their work to be comprehensive. Ensure they have all of the information, because it’ll save you time as a manager by not having to go back through all of the work. You should always be Quite Clear with your Quality Control, because standardization is highly effective! With clear Quality Control processes, your errors will be minimized, and expectations clear.


Look In The Tunnel

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Against all odds, they’re gone. Unexpected for sure, you’re left to deal with the aftermath. Be it a friend, family member, or significant other, loss is a curiously strong emotion. Keeping on with your business can feel like an impossible task. Believe me, I know how hard it can be. That pressure in your chest? That’s the grief because a piece of your heart is missing. The way you can’t catch your breath? It’s the anxiety you feel because you won’t see them again. I know these feelings all too well, so allow me to share with you how I found value in the hardship.

How do you know if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel if you don’t go in it and look around?

How would you expect to get out of a room if you don’t look for the door? Similarly, how would you expect to find the bright side of things if you don’t look at the dark side? There’s always light in the dark, this I can assure you! Honestly, it’s oftentimes our fear and negative outlook that incurs ill feelings, not the situation itself. Remember, a change of heart is far from impossible but does take some work. So let’s get to it.

  1. Find Purpose in the Pieces

I’m sure the situation you’re in doesn’t make sense. You’re feeling a toxic mix of emotions that feed into each other, so you have to break the cycle. Take one thought you have, and find it’s more optimistic counter-part. For example, I might think “I’m hurt because there was so much still to do together”. A true thought, but to change it to “I’m glad we had the time we did because we made some amazing memories” is a million times better. See the difference? This changes how your mind conceptualizes the situation by flooding it with the light and life that gave your relationship so much joy. If this is done with every thought you have, positivity will really manifest itself within you.

2. Don’t Look for Reason

The situation you’re experiencing may or may not have had an obvious cause. Either way, it’s worse for you to try and find reason amidst the confusion. Be it placing blame or finding the events that led up to the situation, you’d be brining the negativity back to the situation. Positivity is progress, so don’t go backward searching for what you think will bring you closure. While making peace with the circumstances is a necessary step, it’s not necessary to delve into every facet of it. You don’t have to know every side of what occurred. More likely than not you’ll end up more confused! So stop the cycle and ensure you make real progress by taking steps to change your mindset in a positive way!

Adapt, Don’t React

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I heard something on the radio the other day that really rang true for me. It said “Change only happens when something comes or leaves”. So true, isn’t it? Seems self explanatory, but if you think on it harder, there’s some great things to be learned.

Change can be uncomfortable, unwanted, or just plain shocking! Things in our lives can come and go so quickly that it can feel like we don’t have control, and to some extent, we don’t! This feeling of uncertainty can envelop us, bringing anxiety and fear. So what can we do to stop it? I’m a firm believer that through introspection we can overcome all things, so here are some strategies you can use to adapt to the change!

  1. Be Honest With Yourself

I’m not new to the game of excuses and reasons. They give us comfort, and allow us to give something besides ourselves the responsibility. The truth is, nothing in your life is completely out of your hands. You may not be able to prevent certain situations, but you can sure change the way you respond and react to them. A different kind of power comes from knowing you have control over your life. It allows you to take charge, and not let life happen to you!

2. Accept the Circumstances, not the Scenario

Here, I’m defining circumstances as the outside forces you can’t change. For example, someone moving away, or illness. These are factors that can’t be changed, at least not by you. Scenario, then, means the way those circumstances create your experience. This is where your power lies! Your ability to decide how circumstances affect you can positively impact your life, and the lives of those around you. Choose to be positive, accepting, and motivated. That’s how you self-improve and gain accountability.

3. Find Your Happy

Life can get overwhelming, especially when you take responsibility for endless things. Finding something that brings you pure joy is the only way to maintain your own positivity through life’s crazy ups and downs. Be it a hobby or favorite work out, keep doing whatever makes you happiest! Especially when you think you’re too overwhelmed and busy. That’s when you have to indulge your passions the most!

Getting Your Foot in the Door

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“The premise was simply this: the author sent a nice tennis shoe to a potential contract company with her business cards and other identifying material and used the theme: “Just wanted to get my foot in the door so we could meet and talk.” Well, I saw this and I thought I’ll take it a step further…” (She Is All Business, 151). 

Today, I had a meeting where someone took an idea from my book and gave it right back to me. This only convinces me more that the things we’re creating here at SIAB are impactful, and positively altering! I love to see my advice in action, especially since this instance was personal. It means so much to me when other women dominate industries and make differences in other’s lives. This motivates me to improve, grow, and help others to do the same!

Never On Your Own

Being creative in my industry has been vital to my success, that’s why I urge others to do the same. Our success grows only when we give others the ability to help, kind of like a flower growing. A flower doesn’t grow with only sunlight, it needs several factors to truly flourish. The same goes for you! To be able to grow to our fullest potential, we have to allow for outside sources to have positive, and even negative, impacts on us. You’ll never grow if you’re not challenged, and that’s why flowers don’t grow unless they’re put in dirt.

Give Them No Choice

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Some mornings we wake up with a pep in our step and a mindset that tells us we can conquer anything. And some mornings, the world just says “no”. Despite all we try to make a productive and achieving day, it just can’t happen because the world wasn’t ready for our greatness. 

Even though I do like to find an external reason, it’s really all about accountability. Taking charge for your actions, and especially your shortcomings, is essential to becoming a self-aware person. By taking charge of the things you lack, your world can open up to new possibilities. This personal growth is VITAL to your success and future! When we face failure, it’s easy for us to shut down, and not try again. Big Mistake!

If you have to climb over others on your way to the top, you won’t have a leg to stand on when you get there. 

Some women I’ve noticed place so much value on success that they pay no attention to the people their efforts affect. If you disregard important relationships, you’ll have no one by your side once you do obtain that fortune you seek. This is a HUGE source of unhappiness! Take the higher road, and I promise the fortune you obtain will be more rewarding than anything else.

Better yourself so much that others won’t have a choice but to listen!

Be the greatest asset, greatest confidante, and greatest investment that anyone can make. Take a look at our past blogs on education, because those resources can be a big help!


Radiate that Energy!

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Don’t Blindly Radiate!

I’ve seen time and time again, a business professional who puts on a show to get what they want. I’m all for presenting yourself in the best light, but when you lose personality, you’ll end up worse off! I, personally would never do business with a mannequin! Imagine this: you’re watching a presentation and the person is stiff as a board, with a fake smile, and you can just tell they’ve rehearsed this same speech thousands of times. A display of great preparation sure, but it should not appear unnatural! To keep a cool head is essential, especially in the midst of people trying to understand your true self! No one wants to be lied to, and such a rehearsed presentation allows an open door for a lack of authenticity.

The Real You

When others want information, they want to get it from a real source, not a pamphlet reciting the same information they’ve already gathered. If you want people to believe in your cause, you have to show it’s real, and human! This appeals to the listeners empathy, which is ideal if you want to persuade! You’ll never win over your audience with words and ideas alone. You have to evoke some emotion in them! You have to make them feel something, ANYTHING if you want your message to be remembered.

So get excited! Be passionate about your idea, radiate that energy, and get others to rally with you!