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Which Came First: Part Two (11-6-16) the Way You Arranged The Nuts & Bolts of Your Business?

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PART TWO: the Way You Arranged the…the Nuts & Bolts of Your Business Idea into a Whole!

What happened with the way you arranged the nuts & bolts of your business idea into a whole?  What did you imagine Your Business would look like?  Certainly, imagination is one part of the “Business Idea” but to the “outside world” imagination that dominates marketing presentations to business peers, investors and the like, is perceived as too much fluff…too little foundation!

We don’t like that trap at She Is All Business, nor do I favor it in my Book of the same title.  When I speak of foundation, I’m not referring to Dreams Foundation, Inc., Dr. John’s baby (and Sarah’s and my child), no, I’m referring to the foundation of your legal business structure.  Know this well; the “letter drill” for businesses:  SP = Sole Proprieter; P = Partnership or LP = Limited Partnership; LLC = Limited Liability Company; C-Corp = Corporation with stockholders; S-Corp = Sole Corporation (you yourself are incorporated).  Are there other business models; sure, and they are legal as well, but these are just some to give you an idea about just how varied your business model can get.  Over time, this “Nuts & Bolts of Business” Blog will go into more depth on each of these business models.

Ronnie is a small business owner who is contemplating expanding her sole proprietorship.  Right now she’s in business for herself as a landscape planner – that is, she actually looks over the home or real estate in question, and offers up to three optional plans for landscaping these properties.  Depending on her clients she may offer optional plans: based on price; based on ratios of ground to rooted growth (trees and shrubs) coverage; and based on the inclusion of decorative rock, walls, patios, grottos, etc.

Wow – what’s Ronnie’s business strength?  Clearly, she can meet almost every landscape planning need, but Ronnie’s considering taking it all a GIANT STEP further.  She’s thinking of bringing on workers to actually do the landscaping work!

Ronnie sees it as the next step in her business development; I see it as the first step in potentially ruining her very lucrative career as a landscape planner.  What she must consider were she to expand is the question of taking on employees so she could control their hours (that means payroll taxes and withholding and added accounting; oh yes, and health insurance).  Otherwise, she’s looking at independent contractors whose behavior she’s ultimately responsible for when they’re working on her landscape jobs (that means contracts, 1099s, less control of hours and schedules, and perhaps additional insurance issues).  And did we mention the addition of equipment and supplies she’ll need to accommodate the transition from planning to installation.

The business model is looking a bit cumbersome, but she is in control of her destiny.  While on paper it appears bleak, when we add the “X” factor to the equation everything changes.  All of a sudden the employee issue is no longer an issue, because there will be no employees!  Almost as if in a dream, Prince Charming walks into Ronnie’s life in the guise of Peggy and Tom “X” who had used Ronnie’s services a year earlier, and heard from one of the area landscapers that she was considering making such a business move.

The “X” factor was the financial partnership support Ronnie needed to turn her business dream into reality.  Peggy and Tom came into the partnership with experience in limited partnerships, and offered to support Ronnie’s plan to use independent contractors, but not employees, for the expansion of her business, while they all agreed on an appropriate profit-sharing arrangement.

The message: THINK BIG, and invite others to the table early; our enthusiastic “killer ideas” may indeed be moneymakers, but as well be heart breakers when we lose the very business we worked so hard to create…because we kept our expansion plans all to ourselves!

BUSINESS SMARTS & GOD SENSE! …from the sidelines by Dr. John Yacenda

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Where is the Holy Spirit in Your Life?

When preaching about the Holy Spirit and most matters of Christian faith as these apply to life today, I would customarily begin by citing a passage of scripture, and then expounding on its interpretation and application to life in today’s world (Seminary 101).  Don’t peek, but the scripture upon which this blog is built is nestled at the end of this brief exploration of God the Holy Spirit’s work within you!

At first thought I wondered aloud if the Apostle Paul would go along with my description of him as the Holy Spirit’s “Oh, yeah, I get it” guy for Christians the world over who would each read his careful transcription of the Holy Spirit’s message, and upon recognizing the central role God the Holy Spirit would play in each one’s life, say simply, “Oh, yeah, I get it!”

So, do you get it?  Paul had spent three years with the Christians of the Church at Ephesus, and as far as he was concerned they were doing fine, but don’t most things need a tune-up, polish, spruce-up, re-alignment, recalibration, ad nauseam?  Most of us welcome periodic contact from those we love; just imagine the people of the Church of Ephesus whose love was returned by Paul with expressions from the Spirit of God on how to nurture and maintain unity of the church – a church that was living and growing; one family in Christ!

When I type this I cringe, go off the record, and ache a bit for how messed-up we’ve become as a – SAY WHAT – civilized society!

And now, well over 2,000 years later, we are exhorted by Paul’s words to follow our spirit within (who communicates freely with the Holy Spirit), and to recognize our old self is subject to corruption, or already is corrupted, while our new self is being created and regenerated.

Think on this for a few moments: In my studies of “self-corruption and regenerationI’ve had many Oh, yeah, I get it!” moments thanks to Paul’s transcriptions of the Word of God, and my lively relationship with the Holy Spirit.  HERE’S WHAT I POSIT: The Holy Spirit actually provides timeless opportunities for regeneration pegged to our conscious lifetimes. 

When it comes to the creation of a new” self, the Holy Spirit “referees” the process from the moment we accept and recognize our old self is corrupted, as influenced by deceitful desires, through His influence for us to embrace the true righteousness and holiness of God!

Ah, but don’t miss this: your regenerated “new” self REMAINS A TIMELESS OPPORTUNITY – that is, it’s yours to choose to embrace or to again lose.  Such is my Posit, and I welcome any and all discussion, interpretation, theological debate, and possible application YOU might want to offer.

The Holy Spirit is willing if you are willing to inspire you anew with the revelation of God as holy and perfect …to give all of us inspiration to lift ourselves to new heights.  What’s really exciting about this process of regeneration is the emergence of a new attitude in our thinking where we don’t develop God in our image, BUT ARE OPEN TO GOD REVEALING HIS IMAGE TO US!

Paul in shorthand: put away lying; speak truth with all; anger becomes sin when held onto; never invite the devil to come around as he’s always looking for a way to create evil & destructiveness.   As Paul wrote in Ephesians 4:23-27(KJV) 23) And be renewed in the spirit of your mind; 24) And that ye put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness. 25) Wherefore putting away lying, speak every man truth with his neighbor: for we are members one of another. 26) Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: 27) Neither give place to the devil.

Mature Mind & Creatures of Evil

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Am I Crazy…or Just Wild & Untamed?

Think about this for a moment: “mature mind” is a concept I used for probably 30 years without too much challenge.  Then, along came life with its litany of horrors and craziness, and we found all kinds of hipster, New Age ways to endure and somehow get to the point where we “accepted it all” and called ours, a civilized world.   Please (yes, I am dating myself), don’t be envious of me for having the time and profession to have talked with and counseled a good many of the perpetrators of this same claim to civilized living, because during these forays into this civilized madness, I met the “source” of the horrors and craziness – “creatures of evil” residing quietly, without gender in vulnerable men and women of all ages!  

I won’t name names, but you can fill in the blanks as you see fit.  How do we account for such behavior, and what if it expresses itself in the workplace?  Think of these “creatures of evil” residing between your ears, and having the authority to ignite a passionate desire in you to behave like a wild untamed animal! 

One of my mentors during my early years of training in psychology in general, and psychotherapy in practice was Ronald Laing, M.D., a British Psychiatrist who was to me, an inspiration, while to many of his older medical brethren, he was a mad man.  He would have characterized my “creatures of evil” a bit differently, but I think you’ll get my point from his work in 1967 (The Politics of Experience – Ballatine Books, p.55) 

“Torn — body, mind, and spirit — by inner contradictions, pulled in different directions.  Man cut off from his own mind, cut off equally from his own body — a half-crazed creature in a mad world.”

Go ahead, boo me…because down deep inside of my psyche, Dr. Laing has a “guest house” and his door is always unlocked!  So what I’m going to tell you next, comes with the support of my guest; here it is: Understand, that as civilized modern man/woman, you live in a world in which the “normal stimuli” is enough to drive you to appear in mood to be a raving maniacal wild Chimpanzee, while at another not too distant moment on the very same continuum to be seen as the epitome of  the model of civilized “mature” mental health!

Our creatures of evil don’t care too much about your public persona, and they’re not likely to interfere with your day to day decisions and value judgments, although they are fond of tampering with your choices of right and wrong, good and or bad, helpful or not in various situations which are more clearly mental health moments than anything else.

Charming, isn’t it?  Do you have some strategies to frustrate the “creatures of evil” lurking within?  Here are two of mine, the first being my favorite, the second being a pain in the rear!

  • Get up early; stay up late; challenge yourself to a cold weather walk; put on some of your favorite music and crank up the volume!
  • Do you need to “show off” about anything?  Do it, knowing you have a critic housed squarely between your ears ready to kick you in the pants…but just can’t figure you out!

Featured On KTVN: Rasner & Carmona Give Over $325,000 To Dreams Foundation

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“Entrepreneurs Sarah Carmona & Terry Rasner Yacenda could not be any closer. Along with co-owning Dreams Realty, they are also a mother-daughter team doing some magical things. Along with leading a group of 25 agents, the brokers are committed to paying forward their success through their non-profit called the Dreams Foundation.

“We’ve given away over $325,000. We donate 10% of everything we make to the foundation,” explains Terry who added that the funding has been able to help fulfill the dreams of thousands of people.

Some of the non-profits include CARE Chest of the Sierra Nevada, the Humane Society and food banks.

“Not only do we focus on individuals and their unmet needs, but we do partner with others in the area,” Sarah said.

The duo also has a heart for veterans, like Richard Contini. Through yet another one of their endeavors called We Buy All Mobile Homes, Terry, Sarah and their partner Emily helped get Richard and his disabled wife into their own place. They search for deals on mobile homes for veterans and low income families to buy.

Through the Dreams Foundation, they are able to wave fees and help with a down payment. “They pay us back when they can.”

Richard says a hand-up from the women was a dream come true. “It’s nice that you can actually get some help sometimes.”

Terry is also committed to empowering women with a concept she calls transformational thinking. She says it is all about finding hope in situations when you may not feel empowered. She should know.

As Terry reveals in her book, ‘She is All Business’, she lost her son, Brandon to a devastating disease that prevented him from seeing his first birthday. “My son died. I was not supposed to ever have children again.”

However, she says her faith in God got her through that horrible time in her life and even provided the miracle of a healthy baby girl. She says her trials became her testimony to other women; to offer them hope when obstacles seem too big to overcome. She also hopes to empower women through her classes, coaching and mentoring to turn their passion into prosperity.

“I love to do that and tell women and inspire women that they can do the same thing. Someone just has to tell them they can do it,” Terry said.

Terry will read excerpts from ‘She is All Business’ and sign copies of her book this Saturday, March 7 at Sundance Bookstore from 12 to 2 p.m.

You can also learn more about the Dreams Foundation on their website or contact them at Dreams Realty at (775) 473-8899.

Official Launch of Dreams Foundation, Inc.

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From the Mother-Daughter Team: Terry Rasner-Yacenda & Sarah Carmona

Official Launch of Dreams Foundation, Inc.

We’re unbelievably proud and happy to announce that we officially launched Dreams Foundation, Inc. in late September of 2012. Since that time DFI has been featured on local television, radio and in local newspaper stories. Why, you ask? As a local IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, the Dreams Foundation, Inc. has helped the Food Bank of Northern Nevada serve communities throughout Northern Nevada’s six counties with food and warm meals, as well as supporting youth sports programs, multi-denominational church services and community outreach programs to the homeless.

A proud supporter of programs serving our Armed Services Veterans, DFI has provided funding for numerous programs. Some include dental assistance, transportation aide, community education and home-ownership down-payment assistance programs for Veterans. DFI has participated as well in helping overseas children to have Christmas gifts, and local youth to participate in concerts, benefits, University of Nevada Football games, and an occasional professional Reno Aces baseball game with hot dogs and drinks!

Match to Meet

Dreams Realty matches Realtors’ donations to Dreams Foundation, Inc., and adds to the excitement of our efforts in the community. In the last two years, Dreams Foundation, Inc. has given out over $319,000 to needy families and charities. Additionally, client services agreements with organizations, corporations and business partners are used to provide a range of activities, services, supplies, and goods (e.g., fingernail paintings, haircuts, gym memberships, tools, equipment, etc.) that benefits individuals, families, local communities, neighborhood churches, or people-serving (human services) agencies to achieve their dreams in such a fashion that the achievement of same will create benefit and value to others.

Dreams Foundation, Inc. intends to use numerous community and employer-based strategies and initiatives to generate funds to support its official IRS identity as a Public Charity, non-profit foundation dedicated to helping persons of all ages to discover, clarify, and appreciate the scope and feasibility of their unmet dreams. Although DFI’s home state is Nevada, DFI has already been instrumental in helping charitable social and health programs and churches in several States, and youth programs overseas.  DFI hopes to extend its program-support presence in the United States, serving individuals and communities nationwide.

Visit us at Listen and dream with us…  our Mission is as follows: “We view ‘unmet dreams’ not as disappointments, but as opportunities for achievement and benefit from the delivery of individual, family, community, neighborhood, church and people-serving (human services) that originated as people’s dreams!” Our own Dr. John Yacenda serves as the President & CEO of Dreams Foundation, Inc.