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Do It (Greatness) Yourself

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As Summer nears its end, I realize how much I still want to do! I always think of Summer as a great time for productivity, growth, and most of all, fun. Maybe it’s the warm weather, or the natural break because kids’ school is out, but either way, Summer is a much needed time separate from the busier seasons of Spring and Fall. Maybe it’s just me, but I know that once I see the days get longer, all I want to do is all the DIY projects to improve myself and the world around me. I like to call Do It Yourself something else though – Do Greatness Yourself!

Doing small projects that utilize your creativity is a really great way to boost your motivation and overall happiness. For example, on a Saturday morning you might find me making planters, or putting up room decor. A simple search on the web for something like DGY Planters helps me get all kinds of ideas, and actually implementing them is really rewarding! Adding greenery to my home really opens up the energy, and adds a touch of life to the area. A little off topic, but this is something everyone should do!

When you’re always focused on the constant day to day tasks you have with work and family, there leaves little room for new trains of thought. With a motivation to create things anew, outlets like small DIY projects can dramatically augment your creative workflow. Having those varied ways of thinking creates a more robust understanding of the issues and challenges we face! Especially with projects that involve collaboration, humanitarianism, culture, and community, the impact on your mindset is immense.

Steal the Show with Nerves of Steel

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I’ve really been liking the posts from Harvard Business Review lately. They give me some great ideas on what to blog about. Just today, Rebecca Knight wrote a piece on communication titled “Tips for Reading the Room Before a Meeting or Presentation”.  So today I’d like to share with you some of her ideas as well as my own!

Enter the Cues

When we enter a meeting, our own nerves and anxieties often get in the way of having the most effective communication. We worry more about how we look than how others react to us. Noticing the small non-verbal cues people give off, which actually makes our nerves spiral more! You wonder “what are they thinking about me right now? Do they like what I’m saying?”. That loud voice in your head clouds your ability to notice the small smiles, frowns, and glances that make communication more intelligible. Without these cues, you don’t have an accurate read, and can’t accommodate for those reactions!

Read the Room

Along those same lines, noticing how people react can go a really long way. It shows care and lets your associates know how much you value their time and support. If you’ve ever left a meeting feeling dissatisfied and unheard, than you’ll know the value of recognition. In corporate structures it can be tough to feel heard, and speaking up in meetings can be even tougher. To be a considerate employer makes your company culture one of compassion, understanding, and compromise. Knight said “Consider the people in the group more broadly and reflect on the possible reasons for their individual and collective emotional states”. That’s some powerful stuff! We need to expand our conscious empathy to think of not only individuals, but also groups as a whole. Understanding the influence and power of a collective is extremely important to try and persuade them of contrasting ideas, especially if the small cues tell you they might not be on board.

Often times in groups there’s one person that can convince everyone else to go along, so reading the room and understanding the dynamics of your employees can be extremely helpful to increase understanding. Reaching people from different backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives can be tough, but you just have to know: There’s ALWAYS a point of reconciliation. You just have to work to make that point happen.

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The Facts of Change

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We all know there’s a big issue with the wage gap between Men and Women, but do we know how big that gap is, and how big it’s going to get?

Get the Facts

If we, as women, want the wage gap to close we need to be more educated, prepared, and aware of the real values behind the gap. I highly encourage each and every one of you to check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ website: This site is filled with statistics not only on wages, but on inflation, employment, and economics. I pulled some data today, and I think some of you will be shocked at the reality.

From 2016 to 2017, weekly average earnings for Men increased by 27 dollars, whereas the earnings for women increased by 26. What this tells us is that the gap is widening, at least minutely. In the fourth quarter of 2017, Women earned 81.3% of the amount men earned in a week based on the yearly average.

*These values are the yearly average of an individual’s pay for one week. Demographics include all ethnicities, races, and anyone in the labor force over the age of 25.*

For a great summary of 4th quarter earnings, visit this link:

Now Change Them

This knowledge is POWERFUL! Having intelligence behind your efforts is the only way for them to have real clout. But once you have the information, what can you do?

  1. Contact your local and state government.

Becoming an activist isn’t about standing outside of buildings with signs. It’s about putting the facts in front of the people who can make change. Emails, letters, and phone calls are a great way to start, so I highly encourage you to do this for the causes you’re passionate about. A simple google search can return thousands of contacts, so start sending!

2.  Start A Campaign

Social media is HIGHLY influential, and if done correctly, can bring your platform to thousands of people. Think of “@-ing” people on twitter, tagging on Instagram and Facebook, and more!

3.   Use Your Influence

Gaining the support of people around you, and swaying your sphere of influence can help your cause grow, spread, and enact real change!

Radiate that Energy!

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Don’t Blindly Radiate!

I’ve seen time and time again, a business professional who puts on a show to get what they want. I’m all for presenting yourself in the best light, but when you lose personality, you’ll end up worse off! I, personally would never do business with a mannequin! Imagine this: you’re watching a presentation and the person is stiff as a board, with a fake smile, and you can just tell they’ve rehearsed this same speech thousands of times. A display of great preparation sure, but it should not appear unnatural! To keep a cool head is essential, especially in the midst of people trying to understand your true self! No one wants to be lied to, and such a rehearsed presentation allows an open door for a lack of authenticity.

The Real You

When others want information, they want to get it from a real source, not a pamphlet reciting the same information they’ve already gathered. If you want people to believe in your cause, you have to show it’s real, and human! This appeals to the listeners empathy, which is ideal if you want to persuade! You’ll never win over your audience with words and ideas alone. You have to evoke some emotion in them! You have to make them feel something, ANYTHING if you want your message to be remembered.

So get excited! Be passionate about your idea, radiate that energy, and get others to rally with you!

Destined to be Great

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Each and every one of us has a divine purpose, and while many don’t realize this, it’s important that you do! The sooner the better, for then your perspective can change dramatically. If you don’t take time to analyze your role in the lives around you, there’s a good possibility you’ll miss your chance to make a difference. Life’s all about taking advantage of the opportunities before you, and consequently, aiming to give others opportunities as well.

Think back on your life. Do you remember who gave you opportunities? You may not remember all of them, but I definitely remember some. It’s these people that changed my life and it’s these people who made an impact on me. I admire these people greatly, and have allowed them to instruct me in the best way they know how. This has allowed me great confidence in my capacity to change lives of others, which is invaluable! As we always say, “If You Can Dream It, You CAN Do It!” – Walt Disney.

Connect with Me!

Part of the reason I started She Is All Business was to motivate others to recognize their capacity for greatness, and I’m grateful to have this platform that facilitates that! Let me know in the comments how you recognize your greatness, and if you motivate others to do the same!

The Three P’s of a Successful Person

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Do you ever feel unfulfilled, unmotivated, or scatterbrained? We’ve all been there! It happens as a by-product of idleness! So what are those successful, happy people doing differently?

I’ve come up with a model that will help you gain back that peace of mind, and become a better individual! This model is one that is simple, effective, and most importantly, goal oriented!

It all starts with P! Productivity, Positivity, Possibility.


To be busy is to be engaged, and to be engaged is to be present! If you’ve ever felt like you’re in a fog, get busy! Fill your time with things you love to do, and things that help you reach your goal. Keeping yourself busy helps you to feel greatly accomplished, and that reward only motivates you more! Soon enough you’ll realize there isn’t ENOUGH time in the day! You’ll accomplish more with the time you’re given, and even achieve more success than you had before!


Did you know, your first emotions of the day designate what kind of day you’ll have? It’s true! If you wake up angry, or annoyed, you’ll have that approach through the start of your day. Things like traffic might get to you a bit more, and you’ll get more frustrated at that! As you go through your morning with those negative emotions, it compounds, and soon adds up to a whole day of unhappiness. A disastrous chain reaction, and before you know it, you’re whole day is gone! The best way to avoid this frustration is to find a routine.

Morning routines give structure, reliability, and customizability! You can make it any way you want, but be sure to include specific kinds of activities. It’s important to include things you enjoy, maybe it’s taking time on makeup, or playing with a pet! Either way, including joyous activities will set you up for the day.


Every endeavor you embark on is full of possibilities. This step has an emphasis on how you approach foreign situations. Even if your day has the same routine, there can be situations or people you’ve never encountered! The way successful people approach these situations is with the knowledge of possibility. Each new person you meet could open a door to an amazing possibility, and successful people recognize this! Each situation is approached with an open mind, which allows you to reap the full benefits of that connection! After all, what’s life for if to not take advantage of all opportunities?

Let us know in the comments below if you use these methods, plan to, or want more tips on how to make this process successful! Together we can make each reader successful and meet our goals! As always, remember: IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN DO IT!


Get The Foundation, Build to the Top

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One Step at a Time

When professionals endeavor to make a successful company, they often shoot straight for the top. I’ve learned that this is a mistake! Foundation comes first, always. All good things take time so naturally the same applies to your business! The first thing you need to do is consider the barriers of market entry. These are things such as licensing, start-up costs, required technology, or product differentiation. By breaking through these barriers, you’ll be one step closer to providing the service or good you desire. By setting yourself up effectively regarding market entry, the process of making your business lucrative is much easier. Get the foundation, then build to the top. Just like in college, you have to get prerequisites to take more steps.

Making it up the Staircase

Yes, there are a great deal of steps to make a lucrative enterprise, and at times it’s going to seem really tough. That’s why if you allow yourself to make strides, of any degree, you’ll always be working towards your goal. No matter how big or small your efforts are, as long as you’re constantly working towards your goal, everything will be accomplished. Each professional is at a different place on their staircase, so stop comparing yourself or others to another. You are making progress and that’s really all that matters in the business arena.


Live Your Passion

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Complicated Directions

There are a lot of different avenues you can explore when trying to decide what work to do in your life, especially since the average college has HUNDREDS of options to choose from. It may be hard when you’re starting out to find your niche, and truth be told, only you can decide. Your passion leads you where you truly desire to be. I could tell you which field makes the most money, or has the greatest humanitarian impact, but none of those things matter if you’re not happy.

The age old adage hold true: “Do what you love, and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. I’ve always felt that the best place to be is when you make your own hours, and manage your own income. I know it seems inevitable in this world that’s so filled with corporations and “the man”, but trust me, it’s more possible than you think! It starts with a passion. If you’ve taken my 7 Steps to take your Passion to Prosperity, you know the deal!

How Can I Love What I Do?

Find the job you want! You should never settle for something that doesn’t satisfy your passion. If it takes a few years of saving at a less than exciting job, then so be it! Just remember, that you only get one life, and it’s worth the time spent to create one you love. All good things in life take time, so take it!

Additionally, education is the most important thing. I know during your time sitting in class you’d be wondering: Why? Why do I have to sit in this class and listen to people ask unintelligent questions? Here’s your answer: Higher education is the gateway to being successful. It shows not only that you are proficient in your major, but that you became a well rounded individual during that time. These are the qualities employers, financial institutions, and colleagues look for. Ensure your future is successful by going to school.

Assert Your Importance!

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Boldly, not harshly

It’s often said that there’s a fine line between being assertive and being aggressive, and this is true! Confidence in yourself and your work is what brings you to be assertive. Define what it means for yourself, and talk to your colleagues! They often have amazing insight into the internal dilemmas we face every day. Sometimes you just need an outside perspective to show you that you’re either being too passive, or not passive enough! No such thing, right? WRONG! If you assert yourself and your opinions too harshly, there is a good chance the outcome won’t be what you’re looking for. Tact and grace are important qualities in any business person, especially since business can be an emotionally straining endeavor.

Things to look out for are body language, words emphasized, eye movement, and even tone! If you pay attention to these and “read the room” then it’s easy to convey what you want effectively. See eyes start to wander? Tell an anecdote to make the point clear! Especially in small one-to-one meetings, these tips can save you a lot of embarrassment.

Say you develop a passion for a local cause, and wish to support it through your business. First off, great idea! Sponsorships are the perfect way for causes to gain credibility, but moreover, it gains visibility for your company. Secondly, this is where that tact we mentioned earlier comes in. Any and every cause has adversaries, so what if they make up your clientele? Yes, you control your business, and have the say in what brand it presents, yet political correctness is still key!

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Risk and Reward

Don’t risk loosing business as a result of sponsorship or support of a cause. Through donations, monetary and of time, you can support that cause without blatantly advertising that you are partial to it. Media is a tricky thing, and often misused by professionals trying to have their voices heard. Don’t fall prey to the politics of it all! To do so, take a step back after each interaction, and think of how it might affect your business.  Singing praises to a seemingly uncontroversial cause may adversely affect how others view your company, so be careful! A non-partial stance is always a safe bet, especially in business.

And as always, “If you can dream it, YOU CAN DO IT!” — Walt Disney

Are You Ready to Throw Your Stale Business in Reverse?

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      When SALES GROW STALE, EMPLOYEES APPEAR STALE, and your best friend suggests your workplace ideas are STALE. Your business is operating under the grip of the STALE TRIANGLE — it’s time to ask: Are you ready to throw your stale business in reverse? 

POW — ALL ideas are available to CONSIDER…

     Think of it in terms of your car. What would happen in you threw it into reverse at a high speed? The damage done at that speed would be greater than had you reversed at a lower speed. Obviously, the greater your speed, the more significant the potential for adverse impact. The lesson here is that when making delicate business moves, tread carefully. You can’t change everything overnight, especially since you should allow time for dust to settle. 

       When “business or organization change” is triggered by the presence of the STALE TRIANGLE there’s often a tendency for management to shift from one business focus to another. Yet, the losses may far exceed the anticipated gains. Yes there’s an urgency to dump the STALE atmosphere, but It’s important to consider whether the existing “business culture” contributed to it. If this is true, don’t let your future decisions adversely affect your business. Keep in mind the five valuable intangible employer benefits: Employee, loyalty, comfort, trust, morale, and productivity. 

Culture Carried   

       My experience suggests businesses and organizations can carry their culture with them. By nurturing and adapting your businesses’ culture, newly-hired employees can carry on that environment. Set the example, be the example, and see your business’ culture grow. It’s clear to me that businesses and organizations are at risk when their culture is ignored, and “their ownership” is overridden by the fear of economic competition. The stress of success often burdens businesspeople. That’s why your company culture needs to reflect positivity, productivity, and possibility. 

       Business & Organizational Leaders MUST EMBRACE the importance of change — of throwing their business or organization in reverse. As such a Leader it’s your responsibility to weigh the presence of those five valuable intangible employer benefits: Employee Loyalty, Comfort, Trust, Morale and Productivity.

       Indeed, we need to anticipate change, and upon its arrival be prepared to monitor change.  As a business or organization, we must also be prepared to adapt to change quickly. Change, and best of all, enjoy it as we create a work environment that produces high morale, efficiency, and a low rate of attrition.