Again, to pick up again on the dynamic interconnection and complementary behaviors of multi-dimensional whole persons, let’s get physical with your whole person!  Seems a bit off the wall, but I’ve written about, and taught college and university courses on THIS INTRIGUING CONFIGURATION of we humans, for well over 35 years.

Each time I resurrect the model I am reminded it is as universal as the air we breathe and the water we drink, because at its core it remains grounded in the same basic approach to recognizing the importance each of the six dimensions our multi-dimensional whole persons plays in creating a dynamic and exciting life!

As we go through this six-step series, free your imagination when it comes to blending of your:  1) physical bodies; 2) minds; 3) social inclinations; 4) spirituality; 5) environmental awareness and inclinations; and 6) intrapersonal deeply personal and oft-private selves!

So, let’s get physical knowing it’s become fashionable and trendy for all sizes and shapes of women and men to drape much of their “lives-lived,” “lives-hoped-for,” and “lives-in-chaos” on their physical bodies by how they’ve retrofitted their bodies with clothing styles, refreshed their bodies with tint-tone-tummies & tuck, and, okay yes these are a matter of personal taste, accessorized their bodies with tiny to elaborate tattoos and other partial or total sub-cutaneous “fashion” statements.

As much as I’ve wondered aloud about the whys and why not’s of tattoos, I noticed a detailed one on my dental technician’s arm today.  She had gotten it as a tribute to her younger nephew who had served as a U.S. Marine, and been killed in Iraq.  She wore it with pride; it changed my mind about tattoos; they are still not for me, but they may have a special meanings to others that easily eclipse my objections!  And I say, Amen!

This series of six posts is not intended to scrutinize or evaluate every facet of each dimension (I’ve not even tried that in several books I’ve written where I discussed the six dimensions), but I’m sure you, as reader, will leave with a keen sense of where you’re headed to becoming better at blending the six dimensions of YOUR MULTI-DIMENSIONAL WHOLE PERSON!

 Don’t be insulted, and don’t view this as over simplification, but the most visible testimony to your state of the physical health and well-being is reflected in the following clarifying points:

  1. You are what you eat & drink – get down with this point; it’s very clear that the foods you consume and beverages you drink affect the performance of your body; as is it true that the foods you should consume but do not (or beverages you shouldn’t drink too much of, but do) also affect the performance of your body.
  2. Don’t be misled by quantity and type of food & drink – concentrate on nutrient intake, including calories from carbohydrates, calories from fats, and calories from protein; and do not sidestep the importance of the balance of vitamins and minerals in the foods you eat. The key to this nutrient know-how is committing to self-study for a month, and then choosing your favorite “nutrient guide” book and giving it a prominent home in your kitchen. After you’ve learned to use this guide to identify the relative nutrient values in foods and drinks, you’ll actually find that you’re really “pretty smart” when your body’s hungry & getting physical!
  3. Bodies are made to house our internal organs, indeed – but bodies are also made to move and to perform coordinated muscular-nerve related actions that we should be able to do powerfully in both more subdued, controlled, even confined environments (e.g., lifting weights, or doing yoga and stretching in hotel gyms while traveling), and boldly and explosively in public (e.g., participation in adult sports leagues, triathlons, cycling or running competitions, etc.).

That snapshot of getting physical was hardly fair, was it?  I hope you get my point: there is a great deal more to the dimension of your  physical bodyTake a moment to do a short inventory of what’s happened to your physical body since you got out of bed this morning…

We’re very fortunate to have these bodies, and all that impact them.  Take a moment to think about what you’ve done to damage it; then honestly ask yourself if you have the desire to reclaim the potential you still have of getting physical and paying attention to what your body is telling you about how you put it through the paces of your life.

Listen to what your body is telling you through how it feels, how easily it is injured, or how quickly it heals.  When the fatigue sets in, listen to its call for rest.  If that’s not possible, you might want to take a break from the world you created for it!


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    Before the invention of reed flutes and other musical instruments, our ancestors likely produced the earliest forms of music by singing, screaming, chanting or otherwise using their vocal cords, as well as by physically interacting with their own bodies, other people and the environment.

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