Exciting News!

Terry’s newest book is coming out in September! She’s very excited for you all to see the work that’s gone into this newest publication, so check back to get your copy!

Check out this sneak peak trailer for Terry’s original book!

Book Reviews

I picked up She is all Business 30 mins before my morning workout thinking I would read a chapter or two before I headed out the door for the start of my daily routine. I have to tell you I could not put it down. I laughed, I cried and opened my mind and heart that day and my life will be forever changed. To say Terry is brilliant is an understatement. We all here the voice of God and I think 95% of us never listen.

This book has given me a whole new perspective on how I should live my life. I hear the voice of him constantly but to say that I listen would be something extremely foreign to me. This book has given me the courage to listen, to be open and to live in what the real truth is and not someone else’s perception of the truth. If you were ever to read a book to give you validation of that inner voice this is it. I anxiously wait for her next book. Thank you Terry for your raw but honest truth about your Real Truth!!!!!

Debra Menchel,  Reno NV

Terry’s book is a contribution to the reader; she’s just getting started with this work, and I’m sure there’s a trilogy welling up after this one.  The theme to me was “forces are at work” and yet not necessarily “hidden” from her.  The chronological style unfolds up until today; I still wanted all the blanks filled in but that would be a very thick book. The author said a lot in a short time and pointed you somewhere at the end.  Knowing her, I want to read everything she writes.  She has been written about in other publications also. Terry Rasner is bold to ask me  to critique anything; by the way, I gave the worst ever critique of her to Dunn and Bradstreet when we had first met.  She’s in a tough business lady; her team plays hardball…lol…so enjoyed the book and want more..!!

Deloss Weyant, Florida

Good morning – it’s 2:15 a.m. Wednesday morning.  I just finished reading your book.  As soon as I got my hands on it on Monday I read the first two chapters; read up to Chapter 6 by Tuesday and went to bed around midnight.  I couldn’t put it down, and I finished it this morning, and it was awesome – just had to text you.  Didn’t know about the Brandon part — that made me cry.  The part about the nun chucks made me laugh.  I even read that part to the kids and we all laughed and cried at the same time.  Actually, I cried a lot when I read your book; they were good tears.  The book is really good!  I would love to go on a book tour with you.  Love to you all.  Happy Holidays.

Bonnie Allen, Las Vegas, Nevada

She Is All Business is such an inspiring book, there are so many great lessons! I loved that the author’s personality really shows through which makes it easy to really take her message to heart. It is conversational and so full of personality and life!   Everyone should read this book if they want some perspective and motivation to really live the life that they want. Terry is such a great example that even through extreme hardships we all have the power to be prosperous and have great success. It’s a great book and I am recommending it to many!
Emily Weyrick, Reno NV

I think the book should be titled”  SHE’S ALL PASSION!!”   Your enthusiasm is unmatched and infectious!  I love that you want to share your successes and don’t hoard your secrets.   I’ve been lucky enough to have been the recipient of your generous sharing so I know it’s not all talk!  You brought MORE to the table to share in the last conference we had than all the previous speakers combined!!!  You mean what you say!
Naomi M., Huntington Beach, California