The Makeup of A Team

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Not Everyone is Made of the Same Materials –  and That’s Good!

It’s natural for us to expect others to do what we can with ease. In reality, that’s unfair! You can never expect someone to do a task the same way as you or with the same creative vision. When you go into group efforts, managing offices, and coordinating teams, it’s important to look at the individual’s qualities. A good team has diversity. Not only in characteristics, but in plans of action, ways of thinking, and dynamics of communication. A well rounded team is essential to making the best product you can, because it will be appealing to anyone that receives it!

When it comes to deadlines, all you can do is communicate in a way that will bring the other person to make the same effort as you. I always like to say, “I’m a gentle force, but a force nonetheless”. When you communicate with a team, some will be more receptive than others to the way you state your claims. Some will appreciate straight-forwardness, while others will like a more roundabout approach. While this can be ineffective, you just have to be clear and concise in what you’re saying. Keeping a discussion open is also important, so consistently ask your team’

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s thoughts, feelings, and expectations. I’ve seen how these methods make a better team, because communication is key!

Big projects can have multiple ways they can be completed, so always ask how your team might be able to make the process easier! Unique ideas come up at the most unexpected times and in unexpected ways, so keep your door always open! An open door policy is by far the best because as we’ve said before, it fosters communication and better teamwork.

Another thing often overlooked: Dedicated time to team building. While things can always be insanely busy, you have to make time for it. If you have a stronger team, you have a better team work ethic. This means everyone has more passion to contribute, and everyone wants to see the perfected final product.

Just some advice from a business owner who’s always thinking of her team.

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