(Wo)Man with the Plan

Each year, people try to make these grand agreements in hopes of bettering themselves for the new year. These resolutions are often made without structure, leading to your commitment failing! You tell yourself: I’ll go to the gym two times a week and start eating healthy! Great in theory, but just not practical! It sounds easy enough, just go to the gym, right? The problem is, you’re not used to having that different schedule! It’s actually quite difficult to completely turn around your lifestyle, especially at the drop of a hat. So how can you avoid this pitfall?

Here’s an interesting thought: Abandon the resolutions! The strict goals never get you where you want to be, and it ends up being more stressful! Unless you HAVE to meet a specific goal, don’t put so much pressure on yourself to achieve your highest goal right away. Instead, try the following approach, and let me know how it goes!

Step One: Know where you want to be.

First and foremost, know EXACTLY where you want to be in regards to your goal. Whether this be a goal weight, a way of life, or just a new hobby you want to master, it doesn’t matter! All that matters, is that you have your end result in mind. Maybe you have a vision of playing guitar at an open mic night, or even running a marathon? Think long and hard, because once you set your mind to something, don’t change it! No one can win a race when the finish line moves!

The best way to ensure you don’t change your plans near the end is to write it down! By being able to see your goal on paper, it becomes actualized in your mind, and therefore more attainable!

Step Two: Decide

This next step is all mental, and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Find a quiet time, and think on your goal. Ask yourself a few questions:

  • How will achieving your goal make a difference in your life?
  • What’s your true motivation for achieving your goal?
  • How will achieving your goal affect those around you?

Consider the effect on those around you, and how much of a difference achieving your goal might make to you. By doing this, you can further your drive to achieve the goal, and realize why you’re really working for it. Motivations come extrinsically and intrinsically. By knowing the difference, and adjusting your methods to accommodate the difference, achieving can be easier than you think.

(We’ll discuss motivations more tomorrow, so stay tuned!)

Step Three: Decide Again!

The only way to achieve something you truly want is to make those steps, and move towards your goal. But it goes deeper than that. Each and every decision you make from this point forward should contribute to your goal, and each action as well. Not only do you achieve through action, but also through mindset. Your entire outlook should be shifted to have your goal as the main thing in sight. If you isolate that aspiration, and take calculated actions to get closer to it, you’ll be achieving your goal before you know it!



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